28 feb. 2011


The last week I have put a LOT of energy in the homepage. Since I am a total nobody when it comes to computers, software and programs, it has not been without sweating and shouting..... But I am slowly getting the hang of it, although I had to email my rescuer Maria when all of a sudden the homepage was not visuable anymore. As said, lots of sweat! But I think we are getting there. Gabi will be helping me from now with things I cannot do or figure out, but hopefully I will be able to do everything myself at one point. I did put in a lot of pictures of the things people have produced in the ateljé that are for sale. Let me know what you think of the homepage and if you have suggestions for improvement!

I thought to also include some more color and by that pictures of things I make into my blogg. Am looking foreward to it getting warmer so we can burn raku again. This was very addictive last sommar! The pigs made by PO and the pumpkin-lid are raku burned.

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