23 juni 2011


Yesterday the day came, my last working day at AZ. Combined feelings, happy in one way, since now I can focuss on Ateljé Råbygård for 100%. However, also sad, since I am leaving a fantastic job with wonderfull colleques.

I still remember when I moved here, December 1997, ofcourse dark and cold, but what struck me most, were the xmas lights (small decorating lights that look a bit like a tree) in EVERY window. Now, in Holland, these are usually present in specific neighbourhoods, in which I do not dare to go during the evening, so you can imagen how I felt that dark December in 1997. Now I know better, and even have them myself (mind ya, not bought them myself!). But I have been welcomed with open arms and felt at home from day one! So I never left, except for 2 years Postdoc work in VT, USA.

Anyway, in the evening I took 2 hours, whilst the rest of the family was watching TV, and worked in the studio. Finally been able to make my frog, 2 roses and 2 new bowls like the one from the previous blogg. All for the next rakuburning! Life is good! Glad Midsommar!

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