13 apr. 2011

Wonderfull day

Today I was able to have a taste of how my future will be. I took a day off from my jobb at Astrazeneca, where I still will be working untill end June, and worked in the studio instead. I was joined by Lisbeth and Siw and had a wonderfull day! Glazed a LOT of pottery from the group that won the competition I had, moved my things around in the studio, as preparation for the easter exhibition and got the kids from school early to go and eat icecream at our favorite icebar in Lund, Per Tutti. Very different to work like this as compared to the work I have as a cellbiologist and I LOVE IT!

I have been looking around a bit more on other people's bloggs and got very inspired by some. Amazing how creative and good people are! Hopefully I will be able to someday inspire others with my blogg. More pictures are coming, just need to make some new once..... I have also found the statistics-button, very cool to see that not only Sweeds read my blogg! Anyone that can give me tips on how to improve my blogg, it would be very much appreciated! And thanks Maria-Isabel for your tips and help so far!! More pics next time!

1 kommentar:

  1. Du kommer att älska friheten ditt nya arbete kommer att ge dig Solange, en underbar flexibilitet när man lärt sig bemästra den. Skickar kramar till dig från Trastvägen!